Quick Bytes – Feb 9th: Computers Inspire SpaceX Rocket Launch

Feb 9, 2018 | Quick Bytes

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A look at the most interesting startup and business-related news stories of the week.

Latino entrepreneurs a rising force

Quick Byte

Latino-owned businesses have climbed 46% since 2007. While this is a positive trend, particularly among Latino millennial entrepreneurs, it appears to be in spite of difficulties accessing funds. Latino-owned businesses access less bank or government-funded loans than any other ethnicity and California is not one of the top 5 states where Latinos receive VC funding. The newly released Stanford report doesn’t cover off why but there are some interesting hypotheses in this article.

Latino Entrepreneurs_Funding for Latino Startups_Quick Bytes

The Full Story

The growth of Latino businesses has outpaced all other demographic groups, the study found, despite the fact that Latino businesses have the lowest rate of financing via bank loans, the traditional funding mechanism for small businesses. Read the Full Article Here


Similarities between ants & drones

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Using nature in technology is not a new concept but as technology increasingly mimics human behaviour, it’s likely that we’re going to see this a lot more. Robotics, drones and blockchain are all being developed with the swarm intelligence of ants in mind. These little creatures epitomize ‘many heads are better than one’ with collective route selection that uses the kind of efficiency needed in new technologies being developed.

Drone Technology_Quick Bytes

The Full Story

As a group, simple creatures following simple rules can display a surprising amount of complexity, efficiency, and even creativity. Known as swarm intelligence, this trait is found throughout nature, but researchers have recently begun using it to transform various fields such as robotics, data mining, medicine, and blockchains.

Ants, for example, can only perform a limited range of functions, but an ant colony can build bridges, create superhighways of food and information, wage war, and enslave other ant species—all of which are beyond the comprehension of any single ant. Likewise, schools of fish, flocks of birds, beehives, and other species exhibit behavior indicative of planning by a higher intelligence that doesn’t actually exist. Read the Full Article Here


Computers inspire SpaceX rocket launch

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We could hardly ignore the story of the week. A total of 27 engines successfully launched into space this week, 18 more than any other rocket. Elon Musk likened the technique to stepping away from a single computer mainframe that could easily affect the whole system with a breakdown. Instead small clusters of engines work more efficiently and up to 6 can go down without affecting the rocket’s ability to make orbit. And for the next Space X rocket being engineered in Hawthorne, CA? 31 engines.

SpaceX Rocket Launch_Quick Bytes

The Full Story

One of the most striking aspects of this week’s launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket is the number of engines the triple-core booster used to reach orbit. Each of the cores had nine Merlin rocket engines, making for a total of 27 engines.

Prior to this launch, no rocket had ever successfully ascended into orbit with more than nine engines—a feat accomplished previously by SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket and Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket. (The Russian Soyuz rocket has five engines, each of which has six thrust chambers.). Read the Full Article Here


Decentralized cloud technology

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Dfinity, a Swiss non-profit working out of Palo Alto and Germany is developing a blockchain powered, decentralized “internet computer” that will run as open protocol. With claims that it could turn cloud-based business app models on their head, Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital think it’s one to watch. They’re still in early stages so it could be a long wait but it will be interesting to see what happens in general in this decentralized cloud space.

Dfinity_Cloud Technology_Startup News_Quick Bytes

The Full Story

Dfinity said its large virtual mainframe computer could in future host decentralized versions of online services such as Uber, Dropbox, and eBay. Read the Full Article Here


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