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Founders Floor mentors and backs future-thinking entrepreneurs who are committed to creating companies that realize technological progress. Progress in tech industries that we know about, as well as the ones that haven’t been created yet.



What We Do Exactly

We’re an early-stage startup accelerator and investor with an immersive coworking space where founders and companies create, iterate and collaborate.

Our Approach

We believe that this environment of engaged tech founders, coupled with hands-on support and one-on-one mentorship, is essential to foster rapid growth and future investment opportunities. Here’s exactly how we approach this at Founders Floor:


There comes a point in every startup’s life where intense productivity requires a seriously motivating atmosphere. Our spaces, our community and our benefits are designed with exactly that in mind  –  making things happen. Our Strategic Partners help by giving you that essential boost that all startups need.  See our range of membership options here >

If you’re serious about rapidly advancing your startup’s growth, then our accelerator program will provide you with the tools and advisement you need. It’s not for the faint-hearted. We’re firm believers that challenging you and your company is essential to create something truly successful. Check out our latest program here >

We don’t just write a check and disappear. And we also understand how our VC network and alumni operate. Our goal with funding is to match you with a VCs that are the right fit for your business, so that you get on a growth trajectory where you can continue to raise money with aligned VCs well into the future.   Find out more about our funding opportunities here >

Our mentors aren’t exactly new kids on the block. Decades of experience has taught us what we’re good at – the early-stage. From growth hacking, to pitch advice, to product development and design, these are the experts who can take you deep into specific sectors and apply them in a way to grow your startup. Meet our mentors here >

We’re startup people ourselves so we’re constantly looking to challenge, change and grow the way we do things. We regularly sample the market to find experts who can educate and inform about the latest trends with our Speaker Series, Workshops and Pitch Nights. And our Networking Events are renowned for being enjoyable and awkwardness-free. Oh, and as a Member of Founders Floor, your attendance, including a sponsor table, is all included. Find out what events we have going on here >

Why Did We Create Founders Floor?

We believe that coworking spaces should be designed for productivity and engagement, not just for looks. We like to hit that sweet spot where there are always enough people to feel energised, bounce ideas off and generally feel like you’re part of something pretty awesome.

 We think that accelerator programs need to be fully immersive and taught in a style where you can absorb the information, process it, and then ask our experts all the questions you need to – when you’re ready to.

Big numbers aren’t our thing when it comes to quantity of startups. We keep things small to provide you with regular, hands-on advice that’s specific to where your startup is on the growth trajectory. We’re experts in the early-stage, but we’ve started up our own companies enough times that we can provide guidance for the later stages too, even if you’re not in our accelerator program.

Shaking things up is a big part of the mentality here. For you, it’s the prospect of creating that new technology that gets you up in the morning. That was us once upon a time too. Nowadays, we get out of bed to help you get there.

Who We Are

We’re basically a bunch of startup junkies. We live it, breathe it and we want startups around us who do this too. The regulars around our office are our founder, Matt Day. When accelerator programs are running, it’s all hands on deck, with more than 10 experienced industry mentors stepping out of their day-to-day gigs as VCs, CEOs, founders and more, to provide mentorship and advice to companies in our program.

Matt Day, Founder & Managing Director

Matt is Founder and Managing Director of Founders Floor, a coworking accelerator for tech startups that provides a startup ecosystem to help companies build their businesses, accelerator their growth and increase their probability for success.  

As a founder, operator, advisor and investor, Matt has helped many startups launch and grow their companies.  His passion for mentoring and backing founders who are working on what is to be the next big thing, partly comes from being a four-time founder himself.  

Matt started his first company right out of college in 1999, back when the Internet was booming, e-commerce was new, and having “.com” in your company name was cool.  SocksSelect.com, Inc., was one of the first ever e-commerce sites to sell socks apparel online.

After management roles at PhotoPoint, Inc., previously the largest online photo sharing site, and 24/7 Media, Inc. (now part of WPP), Matt witnessed rapid growth in the digital advertising industry which lead him to start his 2nd company in 2004.  Consumer Tech Media, Inc., was part of a new wave of interactive advertising agencies for the digital age, servicing clients such as SanDisk, Philips Electronics, Casio, Jabra, Kingston Technology, Bonzi, among others.

Knowing video would play a major role in the Internet of tomorrow, Matt joined BCSI, a video surveillance software company as V.P. of Sales and Marketing.  This experience lead to his founding of InStore Logic, Inc. in 2011, an in-store analytics software company using computer vision to extract intelligence from video in traditional retail stores and applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to consumer behavior data.

Though Matt has called Silicon Valley home for almost 20 years, he grew up in Iowa, earning his B.A. degree in Marketing from the University of Northern Iowa.
When not empowering the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, you can probably find Matt sipping the latest craft microbrews and spending time with his wife and two children.



Bill Reichert, Advisor

Bill Reichert is an advisor to Founders Floor and a mentor within the accelerator program.

He is also Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures, the early-stage venture capital firm he cofounded with Guy Kawasaki, a former Apple evangelist and author.

Some of Garage’s most successful startups include Pandora, Tripwire, LeftHand Networks, Coremetrics, Hoku Scientific, Kaboodle, WhiteHat Security and Simply Hired.

Bill has spent most of his career as an entrepreneur and operating executive.  Prior to joining Garage, Bill was a co-founder and senior executive at several early-stage, venture-backed technology companies, including Trademark Software, The Learning Company, Infa Technologies, and Academic Systems.

Earlier in his career, Bill worked at McKinsey & Co. in Los Angeles, the World Bank in Washington, DC, and Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. in New York.

Bill earned his BA from Harvard University and his MBA from Stanford University.

Bill is a frequent speaker at local, national and international conferences and has spoken at many events organized by Stanford University, Kauffman Foundation, SV Forum, VC Taskforce, and many others.

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18 South 2nd St.,
San Jose, CA   95113

Office line: 408-659-8020

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