About Founders Floor

Founders Floor is a co-working accelerator for startups and entrepreneurs.
We provide a startup ecosystem of products and services to help you build your startup company, accelerate your growth and increase your probability for success.

“Founders First, Founder Focused"

Our goal is to provide our startup Members with an ecosystem of the best combination of products and services to help accelerate their company’s growth and position them for success.

Our startup ecosystem consists of a complete office environment for startups to work in, strategic partnerships and mentorship to help develop their product and build their business, and funding opportunities to fuel their growth.

In addition, members receive access to our entrepreneurial community and the unique innovative environment that this network of founders organically creates.

Startups and entrepreneurs apply to be Members of Founders Floor. There are three types of memberships to choose from, specifically designed to grow with your company’s needs.

These are FlexTable Membership, Workstation Membership, and Private Office Membership, with pricing for each differing mostly by size of desks and exclusiveness of workspace.

All Members regardless of membership type, receive the same amount of benefits from their membership.  We feel it’s important that each Member company is afforded the same opportunity for access to all the main membership benefits, with no restrictions based on whether or not they can afford the highest cost membership.

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What We Do For Our Members

As part of the main benefits to membership, all Members are provided with a Complete Office Environment to work in, which includes a modern spacious office atmosphere with access to our 1 Gbps high speed Internet connection, your own custom pbx phone system, conference rooms, network printers, beverages, and much much more.

We have also created Strategic Partnerships with other business and technology companies with the sole purpose to benefit and support our startup company Members. Some of these Strategic Partnerships are in the form of products and services that we have pre-negotiated with partners, to offer mostly free or low cost products and services to our startup Members. One of the many examples of this would be our relationship with Amazon AWS and their Activate program, where qualified Members each receive $5,000 worth of AWS credits.

Other types of Strategic Partnerships can be in the form of introductions to partners that we have relationships with, which can be beneficial to a startup Member’s growth and future success. A few of the many examples of this could be technology or platform partner introductions and/or enterprise customer introductions.

We provide Funding Opportunities for select startup Members when their company is ready to raise a seed stage round of funding. In addition, Founders Floor, LLC. provides seed stage funding to specific Member and non-member companies that meet our investment criteria. We also provide introductions to angel investors and early stage VC firms from our investor network.

One of the unique assets of being a Member of Founders Floor is the Entrepreneurial Community. The benefit of being surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs who understand the ups and downs of the startup world, and the value of bouncing ideas off other peers or asking advice from more senior entrepreneurs, can be invaluable to any startup.

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