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Accelerate. Connect. Grow.

Founders Floor helps startups to fuel growth through an accelerator program, coworking space and investment program.

At Founders Floor, startups can connect with one another, be mentored by industry experts, learn strategies to drive success and avoid failure, and make an impact on the world in an environment that sparks innovation and fuels growth.

We are one of the few accelerator programs that works creatively with sponsors and allows them direct access to founders and the startup community. Our founders and entrepreneurs are carefully selected by their company’s potential growth trajectory, as well as the skillset and drive of the people who sit behind them.

We see the value that sponsors can add to the startup community with their knowledge, offering and experience, as well as the value they can add to you as they take you along for the ride.

Our Audience

Our founders and entrepreneurs are active self-starters who are highly engaged in the startup community. Reach and connect with them as they take their businesses to the next level.


  • Technology 83% 83%
  • Entrepreneurship 73% 73%
  • Business news 73% 73%
  • Startups 67% 67%
  • Politics and current events 57% 57%
  • Leadership 52% 52%
  • Marketing 43% 43%
HOUSEHOULD INCOME (Twitter estimate)
  • $75,000 – $99,999 13% 13%
  • $150,000 – $174,999 15% 15%
  • $175,000 – $199,999 15% 15%
  • $200,000 – $249,999 15% 15%
  • $250,000+ 15% 15%


Big Data Analytics

Internet of Things

Health Tech

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning


Content We Create

We create unique and informative content, as well as bring in leading experts, analysts and mentors from the startup industry to provoke thoughts and encourage connections, growth and learning.

Here’s a small taste of how we could work with you:


Startup Events We Create

Around 70-100 people converge on the Founders Floor office twice a month for our startup event series. Founders, entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to pitch to investors, network in an encouraging environment and hear from industry thought leaders. Investors and experts use our events to find potential investment opportunities and give back to the startup community they’re actively involved with.

Find out more about the kind of events that can be sponsored and how you can be involved through branded promotional content and customization.

Investor Panel Discussion with Menlo Ventures & Venrock

Angel investors, venture capitalists and personal investors meet to openly discuss the latest trends in startup funding.

Speaker Series Event with Bessemer Ventures

Innovators, entrepreneurs and investors of all kind share their knowledge, stories and insights.

Fireside Chat Event with Emergence Capital

A relaxed event for high profile individuals to share their own thoughts and experiences of the startup industry.

Pitch Night Event with Samsung Catalyst Fund

An opportunity for startups to pitch to key investors and learn from the process.


Video + Editorial Content We Create

Our startup community of founders and entrepreneurs lead hectic lives but they still need to stay on top of the latest trends and insights in tech and startups. We provide them with this through easy-to-digest content – roundups of need-to-know information, mentoring advice, tips, hacks, thoughts and experiences from industry experts. All neatly delivered across our website, social and email channels in short-form video and bite-size editorial. With some long format video and editorial for those who really want to get stuck in, of course.

See below for examples of the video and editorial content we create and how sponsors are featured.


Promotional Sponsorship Placement

There are multiple ways for your company to get its brand, message and customized offers in front of startup founders through our range of branded content options in our email newsletters, events direct emails, website and physical events:

Click below for examples of how your brand can showcase its offering through our channels.


Promotional Placement Opportunities

Our branded placements allow you to place your logo, messaging and offers to founders across a variety of different channels from email, to website, to the physical events we host on a twice-monthly basis.

See below for examples of how your brand can be featured:


Custom Promotional Content

We believe in finding creative, fun and engaging ways to support startups.

If you’re interested in working with us to create valuable customized content or do something a little different, we’d love to hear from you.

Below are some of the ways we could work with you to create out-of-the-box, unique content that adds value to what our founders, entrepreneurs and the startup community are trying to do, as well as your business.

What is it?
Our ‘Things You Need To Know’ video series cuts straight through the jargon, the confusion and the noise of the startup world to let founders and entrepreneurs in on what they actually need to know and why.

The format
If you offer a service to startups, whether it’s cloud computing software, immigration law, or payroll outsourcing, we want you to share your hacks, tips and need-to-know gems to help startups navigate the world of business with confidence and inside knowledge. We’re collectively delivering valuable information to the startup community in a way they can really relate to.

We can have a one-off session where we create three customized video content pieces with you. These will sit in amongst our own Things You Need To Know content, creating an authentic and engaging series of videos.

What is it?
Our events are a chance for thought leaders and industry experts to get in front of founders, entrepreneurs and the startup community to share their valuable knowledge.

The format
Silicon Valley is a mecca for creators, doers, and thinkers in the tech world. There’s nothing quite like getting those people in a room to connect, share ideas and knowledge, and inspire one another.

We can work with you to create curated panel discussions featuring investors, analysts, sponsors and more to discuss ideas, news and trends in all kinds of sectors from Internet of Things, big data and SaaS technology, to health tech, A.I., and machine learning.

Our events are recognized as a valuable tool in the startup ecosystem in Silicon Valley. We’ll set up a custom event so that your company can join the top experts and industry thought leaders that we have headlining our events.

What is it?
An opportunity for you to get in front of your audience through well-crafted editorial.

The format
Articles are a great way for different companies, such as law firms, soical media tools and more to relate their skillset to startups in a clear and visually succinct way.

We can work with you to created a piece of editorial promoted content that shows your company’s personality and its benefits to founders in a natural and authentic way. You’ll tell your own stories and experiences and share your own knowledge with our founders.We’ll push it out via our social media channels, eNews and on our website.


Sponsorship Packages

Our packages are in place to give you an idea of what we can offer, but we’re a flexible bunch, so get in touch and we can talk in more detail about an option that works for what your company is trying to achieve.



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