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You need resources to help you reach success. At Founders Floor, we think we have the mix just right of spaces, people, funding, partnerships and events to spark ideas and innovation, get you excited, keep you motivated and productive, and provide your company with the opportunities it needs to fuel rapid growth.


Startup Coworking Space

In our experience, startups grow more effectively in a vibrant, established office environment. Ideas thrive when you’re working the way that suits you alongside a motivated group of entrepreneurs. We offer:

Workplace space options
Team and individual, closed and open, quiet and brainstorming environments. Check out our range of spaces here >

Funded Services
Being part of Founders Floor definitely has its benefits – up to $15,000 worth – from our range of funded service partners, listed below, to help grow your startup. 

Getting here is easy – we’re based in the heart of San Jose. Once you’re here, relax and recharge in our
fun and relaxing spaces. And we’ve got your business covered when it comes to technical systems, of course.

See the full range of amenities here >

Mentorship & Advice

We provide real and meaningful mentorship to assist with key moments of growth. Whether you’re co-working or completely immersed in our accelerator program, you’ll be provided with support to help you make those crucial decisions.

Meet with mentors during the day to review questions and issues. Be prepared to be challenged in what you do. We’re firm believers that critical thinking is what will make your startup a success. Turn more regular mentorship into a more formal relationship and apply to be part of our 3-month accelerator program, to really amplify your growth as a company.

Learn more about the program here > 


“Founders Floor is a space that pushes me further than I thought was possible.

Matt was able to help me take the vision for my company, unpack it and create a highly focussed product that gained market traction. I gained skills through the Founders Floor Accelerator program that have made me a strong leader and I’ve used these to start creating a company with a much bigger vision. As a female founder who is new to the country, the trusted mentorship I receive here reinforces the belief in what we are building as a company.

Carolina Castilla, CEO/Founder, Massive Act.


“Whether it was mentorship on funding strategy or product market fit, Matt really spent the time with us one-on-one to help us be successful.

After selling my previous company, I needed to feel reinvigorated.  As a 3x founder himself, Matt’s experience of the startup process is invaluable, and his enthusiasm and momentum is infectious. His mentorship and the Founders Floor accelerator program really helped speed up our journey to reaching product market fit.  Our most recent round was $3.2 million and we are continuing to grow rapidly.”

Ben Portusach, CEO/Founder, Accrualify.


Accelerator Program

So, here’s a few things we do differently. 

You can join our community of motivated, like-minded entrepreneurs when it suits you. Our programs begin at the start of every month. We understand when you’re on a roll and we want to help you continue it.

We take the pressure off your time with our mentors and advisors. Hear what the expert has to say but then go away and process what it means for your business before you ask questions. Once you’ve done that, the in-person Q&A with our resident-expert begins.

We understand VCs too. We want to get your startup in front of the top people in our VC and alumni network and sometimes that just doesn’t happen at a demo day. We’ve found a way to communicate directly with VCs, gather feedback and have it work for everyone.

Find out more about our next accelerator program here >


“Founders Floor truly helped us stay the course towards a successful exit, especially during those tough times.

We went on the typical startup journey of a lot of highs and lows. I can’t say how much I appreciated the steady, guiding hand that Founders Floor provided – it helped us believe in our own direction and leadership. At Founders Floor, we gained a better understanding of how fast we had to grow, the revenue expectations that would come with that, and the type of product market fit that would make it happen. Matt also provided lengthy advisement on deal structures that ultimately led to us having a successful exit.”

Abenezer Yohalashet, CEO/Founder, Paytolla.
Acquired by Sirius XM Satellite Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI)


“Founders Floor provided our company with an entrepreneurial and social community that made us all feel like we were working towards something big.

Founders Floor allowed me, as CEO, to travel and meet with investors and customers without worrying that my team were left in the deep end. We could also focus on building the culture and vision in a much more meaningful way. This meant we were able to retain and grow this highly skilled team, something a lot of startups don’t manage.  These early employees ended up being a huge asset in our ability to grow at such a fast pace. During our time at Founders Floor, we grew to nearly 30 people between San Jose (14) and our Bangalore team.”

Abhinav Khushraj, CEO/Co-founder, Petasense.


“Coming straight from a job as a data scientist at Paypal to Founders Floor, I wanted a startup environment where I could be mentored and advised on the business side of things to create that ultimate marriage of technical and business skills. Matt helped guide my mindset to use more perspective and vision about my company, which was invaluable. He also helped a great deal towards our successful exit as a company, explaining the various deal components of the M & A process.”

Faris Alqadah, CEO/Founder, QM Scientific.
Acquired by Ulta Beauty (NASDAQ: ULTA)


Funding Opportunities

Funding opportunities are available for select member startups when their company is ready to raise a seed round of funding. 

Founders Floor is a seed-stage investor in technology companies through our private syndicate fund. We view our co-working member companies as a strategic source of high-quality startups for potential investment. In addition, we provide our portfolio companies with introductions to VC partners within our network for co-investment and later stage funding opportunities. Find out more about funding here >


Startup Events

We believe in making events work for the people attending them – founders and entrepreneurs. And the best part is – attendance, including a sponsor table, is free for all of our Founders Floor members. 

Our monthly series of networking events, pitch nights, speakers series and fireside chats are designed to specifically cultivate our strong entrepreunerial community here in San Jose. We create environments where networking doesn’t feel as intimidating, where ideas come to thrive and spark, and where relevant questions are addressed and answered by seasoned industry experts. See more events info here >

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