Co-Working Space For Startups

Four types of co-working spaces are offered here at Founders Floor, designed to be acommodate the size and work style of your tech startup. Choose between a FlexTable, Workstation, Private Office or Remote Membership, enjoy the same benefits no matter which membership you choose, as well as month-to-month flexibility.  

Member Benefit

Co-Working Space

with the amenities and environment of an established office.
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Mentorship & Advice

that challenges the status quo and sparks critical decision-making.
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Accelerator Program

Immersive program that focusses on critical thinking and advisement.
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Funding Opportunities

and seed-stage support to fuel your company’s growth.
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Startup Events

experts and founders meet to share, answer questions and network.
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FlexTable Membership

FlexTable Membership provides a member with a spacious individual table and comfortable office chair to work at for the entire day.  Since FlexTables are not assigned to individuals, members will need to take their belongings with them at the end of their workday.  Learn more about the FlexTable benefits here and amenities here.


Workstation Membership

Workstation Membership provides each member with their own dedicated large L-shaped desk, high back desk chair, privacy screen and lockable cabinet storage drawers.  Bring your monitor(s), laptop stand, keyboard, mouse and anything else to create a comfortable work space for yourself.  Learn more about the Workstation benefits here and amenities here.


Private Office Membership

Private Office Membership provides a startup with their own lockable private office, which includes 3 large desks, chairs, lockable drawers, whiteboard and dedicated RJ45 Ethernet wall port.  Additional desks can be added for a small fee.  Learn more about the Private Office benefits here and amenities here.


Remote Membership

Have access to Silicon Valley – from anywhere. Every month we have a panel of Silicon Valley investors that you are given the opportunity to pitch to at our monthly event. And free attendance and a table at all our events as well. Receive a mentorship and advisement session once per month –  video or in-person, it’s up to you. Funded services are also available.



“Founders Floor truly helped us stay the course towards a successful exit, especially during those tough times.

We went on the typical startup journey of a lot of highs and lows. I can’t say how much I appreciated the steady, guiding hand that Founders Floor provided – it helped us believe in our own direction and leadership. At Founders Floor, we gained a better understanding of how fast we had to grow, the revenue expectations that would come with that, and the type of product market fit that would make it happen. Matt also provided lengthy advisement on deal structures that ultimately led to us having a successful exit.”

Abenezer Yohalashet, CEO/Founder, Paytolla.
Acquired by Sirius XM Satellite Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI)


“Founders Floor provided our company with an entrepreneurial and social community that made us all feel like we were working towards something big.

Founders Floor allowed me, as CEO, to travel and meet with investors and customers without worrying that my team were left in the deep end. We could also focus on building the culture and vision in a much more meaningful way. This meant we were able to retain and grow this highly skilled team, something a lot of startups don’t manage.  These early employees ended up being a huge asset in our ability to grow at such a fast pace. During our time at Founders Floor, we grew to nearly 30 people between San Jose (14) and our Bangalore team.”

Abhinav Khushraj, CEO/Co-founder, Petasense.


“Coming straight from a job as a data scientist at Paypal to Founders Floor, I wanted a startup environment where I could be mentored and advised on the business side of things to create that ultimate marriage of technical and business skills. Matt helped guide my mindset to use more perspective and vision about my company, which was invaluable. He also helped a great deal towards our successful exit as a company, explaining the various deal components of the M & A process.”

Faris Alqadah, CEO/Founder, QM Scientific.
Acquired by Ulta Beauty (NASDAQ: ULTA)

Virtual Office Tour

Explore the Founders Floor way of life and see where so many of our startups make technology happen. Be sure to check out the fully-stocked “kegerator” in the kitchen on your way past the permanent workstations, flextables and private offices. If you’re interested in seeing the real thing, schedule a meeting

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