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Being part of Founders Floor means accessing what is right for your early-stage startup. Schedule a meeting with us to learn more about Founders Floor, and for us to learn more about you and your startup, and see if our entrepreneurial environment is a good fit.


Accelerator Program

Personalized mentorship and advisement from seasoned investors, experienced mentors and industry experts. Achieve product market fit faster, gain early traction, better understand essential metrics and KPIs that drive growth, develop a fundraising strategy and raise funding. Available for both local or remote startups. Access to our coworking space is part of the program.

Entrepreneurial Coworking Environment

We craft our coworking space to be exactly what early-stage startups need. We have just the right mix of spaces, people, funding opportunities, partnerships and events to spark ideas and innovation, get you excited, keep you motivated and productive, and provide your company with the opportunities it needs to fuel rapid growth. 

Funding Opportunities

 We invest directly in tech startups at the Seed and Pre-Seed stages. In addition, we have over 100 partner VCs within our network that we make targeted introductions to for potential co-investment in our portfolio companies as part of the fundraising process.   

We prefer in-person meetings here at our Founders Floor offices in downtown San Jose, but a Zoom video meeting can be scheduled when an in-person meeting is not possible.

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