Entrepreneurial Community

One of the unique assets of being a Member of Founders Floor is being part of the Entrepreneurial Community here. As a community network of entrepreneurial knowledge and resources, you have a unique benefit of being able to bounce ideas off of other colleagues, ask and receive trusted advice from other experienced entrepreneurs, gain relevant feedback from peers, and receive helpful introductions, all of which can be tremendously valuable for the success of your company.

The Bay Area entrepreneurial community has a strong “give back” mentality. As most experienced entrepreneurs know it takes allot of help to grow a successful startup company, which is why you will see our alum network coming back and providing assistance in different ways.

The energy and innovative spirit in the office is contagious and makes work fun. Genuine friendships are developed within the community, as we frequently have Friday happy hour in the office to socialize and celebrate wins together. Members also frequently go out together for lunch, dinner or drinks.

Work and Be Happy

Let’s face it, the typical office environment for an early stage startup sucks. At best you and your co-founders can barely afford a small, desks crammed together, windowless office that you had to sign a year long lease for and personally guarantee because your company has zero credit. You would be in an old mixed use commercial building surrounded by lawyers, CPA’s and architects who do not understand what your company does and thinks it’s stupid. More often then not though, you start out working from your 2nd bedroom, garage or coffee shop. You struggle to hear phone calls over the noise in the coffee shop and fret trying to find a place for a professional meeting other then your home.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Which is why we created a professional work environment where you can work productively, conduct business professionally and be surrounded by entrepreneurs like you who make it even more exciting and fun to go to work each day.

Want to Take a Tour?

See our office, talk to other members and see why this is the best place to grow your startup.

All Our Memberships Feature The Following Benefits


Flexible Month-to-Month Membership

No more long term lease commitments. Keep your cost structure variable and flexible to grow or contract as your company’s needs change.


Mix and Match Membership Types

Mix membership types together to meet your company’s needs. Need 1 Private Office, 1 Workstation and 2 FlexTables for your team? No problem!


1 GBps Internet Connection

Super fast speeds that give your startup a real advantage. Increase productivity and speed up development time.


Modern Work Environment

Work in a modern spacious office environment around fellow founders who share the same passion for entrepreneurship.


The FlexTable Membership provides entrepreneurs with a spacious individual table and office chair to work at for the entire day. Remember though that you cannot leave any of your belongings in the offices overnight and must be taken home with you at the end of the day.


The Workstation Membership provides entrepreneurs and startups with their own large spacious L-shaped desk with high back desk chair, privacy screen and lockable cabinet storage drawers. Set-up your desk however you like and create a comfortable work space for yourself.

Private Office

The Private Office Membership provides startups with their own lockable private office, including 3 large desks, chairs, lockable drawer storage, whiteboards and dedicated Ethernet wall port. Ideal for teams that need extra space, privacy, security or fewer distractions that a private office can provide.

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