Complete Office Environment

The differences between a FlexTable Membership, Workstation Membership and Private Office Membership are mostly based on the size of desks and exclusivity of work space.

All Members have the same access and benefits to a Complete Office Environment, nothing is a la carte, as everything is included.

Click to view the main amenities and benefits of our Complete Office Environment
  • Modern, spacious work environment with panoramic views and an innovative entrepreneurial atmosphere.
  • 1 Gbps high speed Internet connection.
  • Your own customizable PBX phone system with auto attendant, extensions and more. Make your company appear larger and more professional.
  • Enterprise grade Wi-Fi throughout office with secure authentication and admin privileges giving you control to manage access to your team or contractors.
  • Network security with the latest enterprise firewall appliance to keep your data secure.
  • Multiple conference rooms with unlimited use.
  • Network printers and scanner.
  • HD video conferencing.
  • Commute is quick and easy, with VTA Light Rail station right outside and short connect to CalTrain. If driving, Highway 87 and Interstate 280 conveniently intersect at downtown.
  • We provide free covered parking* just blocks away.
  • Flexible work environment providing shared use standing tables, walking treadmill desk and lounge chairs/couches to work from.
  • Fun office atmosphere with pool table, foosball, Razor scooters, or relax in our lounge couches and chairs.
  • Conveniently located in downtown San Jose with many amenities a short walk away.  Variety of restaurants from expensive to cheap for lunch and dinner, or choose from and bars/clubs to hangout with friends and colleagues.
  • IP cameras throughout, with video surveillance system providing you remote access to view and monitor your workstations or office if you choose, for peace of mind.
  • Pre-negotiated discounts (15%-20%) at local restaurants and bars like Sonoma Chicken Coop, Cafe Eden and many more.  Eat well and have drinks without hurting your wallet.
1 Gbps Internet Connection Increases Productivity, Provides Competitive Advantage

All Members have access to our 1 Gbps high speed Internet connection (Yes thats right, 1 gigabit per second!).

Private Office Members have additional access to a dedicated Ethernet connection, but ALL Members have access to these high speeds through our enterprise grade Wi-Fi access points spread throughout the office. Most medium sized corporations, especially small startup companies, don’t/can’t spend the thousands of dollars per month to have access to these high bandwidth speeds. Our 1 Gbps Internet connection is a tremendous asset and advantage to our Member companies and really allows Members to work in different ways that were never possible before.

What are some of the benefits? They are endless, but for starters you can increase team productivity and collaboration by using more video conferencing such as Google Hangouts and Skype as part of your team’s daily communication. If you have not already, run your entire business using web service applications (such as Google Apps, MS Office Online, Dropbox, Evernote,…etc.) with confidence knowing bandwidth is available with virtually no latency. Or use light weight laptops with virtual desktops like Google Chromebooks or Amazon AWS Workspaces allowing you to save short term cash by moving upfront fixed costs to variable monthly costs.

A faster Internet connection can speed up development time, shortening software ship cycles and allowing your company to iterate product enhancements faster. Ultimately this makes your company more responsive to customer needs, market changes and more competitive.

Ken Olson, President of Digital Equipment Corporation was famously quoted in 1977 as saying, “There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in their home.” History has shown the inability for even the brightest people to anticipate what the future brings with the fundamental changes brought on by technology.

So as a Founders Floor startup Member with this asset now at your advantage, the question really becomes “What can your company build or innovate upon now that bandwidth is no longer a restraint?”

Flexible to the Way You Work

New ideas, innovative thinking and problem solving doesn’t always come by sitting at a desk all day. So we provide an environment that allows you to work the way that you like to work, by providing shared use of standing tables, walking treadmill desk or work comfortably from our lounge chairs and couches.

Sometimes though productivity slides and you really need a break. We provide different ways to relax and “recharge your inner batteries” by providing a pool table, foosball table, Razor scooters, or relaxing on couches in the lounge area gazing through our panoramic view of downtown San Jose. Or get some fresh air by walking or taking a scooter to Saint James Park just a block away or visit any of the hundreds of downtown restaurants, all while still being connected to the Internet with San Jose’s free downtown Wi-Fi.

Conveniently Located

Founders Floor is located in downtown San Jose in the center of Silicon Valley. With panoramic views from our 5th floor commercial building, Founders Floor is conveniently located for all business needs and social amenities. Commuting to Founders Floor is quick and easy. VTA Light Rail station is right outside our doors and connects to the CalTrain Diridon Station just a few blocks away. If you are driving, Highway 87 and Interstate 280 conveniently intersect at downtown, which we provide free* parking just blocks away.

*free parking will be available in November, initially on a limited basis.

Want to Take a Tour?

See our office, talk to other members and see why this is the best place to grow your startup.

All Our Memberships Feature The Following Benefits


Flexible Month-to-Month Membership

No more long term lease commitments. Keep your cost structure variable and flexible to grow or contract as your company’s needs change.


Mix and Match Membership Types

Mix membership types together to meet your company’s needs. Need 1 Private Office, 1 Workstation and 2 FlexTables for your team? No problem!


1 GBps Internet Connection

Super fast speeds that give your startup a real advantage. Increase productivity and speed up development time.


Modern Work Environment

Work in a modern spacious office environment around fellow founders who share the same passion for entrepreneurship.


The FlexTable Membership provides entrepreneurs with a spacious individual table and office chair to work at for the entire day. Remember though that you cannot leave any of your belongings in the offices overnight and must be taken home with you at the end of the day.


The Workstation Membership provides entrepreneurs and startups with their own large spacious L-shaped desk with high back desk chair, privacy screen and lockable cabinet storage drawers. Set-up your desk however you like and create a comfortable work space for yourself.

Private Office

The Private Office Membership provides startups with their own lockable private office, including 3 large desks, chairs, lockable drawer storage, whiteboards and dedicated Ethernet wall port. Ideal for teams that need extra space, privacy, security or fewer distractions that a private office can provide.

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