Our Events

Founders Floor, a co-working accelerator for tech startups, hosts regular events that help startups connect with and learn from investors and other skilled professionals and entrepreneurs in order to expand their businesses and knowledge. We partner with quality brands and top industry experts to bring you events that truly benefit founders and their businesses.


Startup Matchup & Networking Events

Startup Matchup is a structured networking event that helps tech startups match with investors, developers, skilled professionals and quality resources in Silicon Valley. Our event structure allows attendees to briefly introduce themselves, share what they are looking for, and explore how they can help others too, creating a valuable, win-win for everyone attending.

Workshop Events

Our workshops feature industry experts and investors from various sectors who guide attendees through the various phases of starting and growing a business within a specific industry. They’ll also pass on invaluable skills that will help you build your startup and entrepreneurial career.

Pitch Night & Investor Panel Discussion

Our Pitch Nights start off with a panel discussion where investors will answer various questions about the funding process. Thereafter, selected startups will pitch their companies to the panel who will then provide them with valuable feedback and advice. Audience members can also implement this feedback in their own businesses and pitches and all attendees will have the opportunity to network after the event.

Speaker Series Events

Founders Floor regularly invites seasoned entrepreneurs to talk about the various issues and challenges that are often experienced when starting a business. Hear from a panel of speakers from various different industry as they share their advice and best practices for succeeding as a startup, leaving you feeling excited and encouraged.

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