Strategic Partnerships

As a Member of Founders Floor you have access to the Strategic Partnerships that we have created with our business and technology partner companies. Our goal is to support our Member companies with beneficial partnerships, business development relationships and quality introductions at inflexion points of their business when they are most helpful. We live and breath startups and new technologies, as do our Members, so we try to anticipate the future needs of our Members and pre-create partnerships so they are available right when our Members need them the most.

Some of these Strategic Partnerships are in the form of products and services that we have pre-negotiated with partners to offer mostly free or low cost products and services to our startup Members. One of the many examples of this would be our relationship with Amazon AWS and their Activate program, where qualified Members each receive $5,000 worth of AWS credits.
Others types of Strategic Partnerships can be in the form of introductions to partners that we have relationships with, which can be beneficial to a startup Member’s growth and future success. A few of the many examples of this could be technology partner introductions for integration support, or platform partner introductions for mobile app and web services distribution, or business development introductions to potential enterprise customers.

Startups and technology companies have had to increasingly be aware and engaged with government advocacy, as topics like the JOBS Act (public fundraising), net neutrality (keeping the Internet free), patent trolls (patent reform) and immigration reform , have all been topics that can and do have potential to effect startups in a significant way. One example of how Founders Floor has started to be more engaged with government partnerships for the benefit of our Members, is with our relationship with the United States Patent and Trademark Office of Silicon Valley (USPTO). The USPTO’s new West Coast offices are just 4 blocks from Founders Floor, and we have developed a special program where patent and trademark experts from the USPTO come to Founders Floor and talk to our Members on the importance of patents and protection of your innovations, including question and answer time.

Founders Floor also has an exclusive relationship with the owner of the 6 story commercial building for which Founders Floor is located. If your company’s growth requires more space than what our Founders Floor offices can provide, you can move into your own larger private office space within the building and continue to use and access all the benefits of being a Founders Floor member. This includes benefits such as access to 1 Gbps high speed Internet connection, strategic partnerships, funding opportunities and access to our entrepreneurial community events.

This is just another example of our commitment to our Members, and to help them through every stage of their growing company, from single founder with an idea to their growth into a 50+ person company.

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See our office, talk to other members and see why this is the best place to grow your startup.

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All Our Memberships Feature The Following Benefits


Flexible Month-to-Month Membership

No more long term lease commitments. Keep your cost structure variable and flexible to grow or contract as your company’s needs change.


Mix and Match Membership Types

Mix membership types together to meet your company’s needs. Need 1 Private Office, 1 Workstation and 2 FlexTables for your team? No problem!


1 GBps Internet Connection

Super fast speeds that give your startup a real advantage. Increase productivity and speed up development time.


Modern Work Environment

Work in a modern spacious office environment around fellow founders who share the same passion for entrepreneurship.


The FlexTable Membership provides entrepreneurs with a spacious individual table and office chair to work at for the entire day. Remember though that you cannot leave any of your belongings in the offices overnight and must be taken home with you at the end of the day.


The Workstation Membership provides entrepreneurs and startups with their own large spacious L-shaped desk with high back desk chair, privacy screen and lockable cabinet storage drawers. Set-up your desk however you like and create a comfortable work space for yourself.

Private Office

The Private Office Membership provides startups with their own lockable private office, including 3 large desks, chairs, lockable drawer storage, whiteboards and dedicated Ethernet wall port. Ideal for teams that need extra space, privacy, security or fewer distractions that a private office can provide.

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