Private Office Membership

Private office for your team with 3 large desks, drawers and whiteboards

The Private Office Membership provides startups with their own lockable private office, including 3 large desks, chairs, lockable drawer storage, whiteboards and dedicated Ethernet wall port. This membership is great for teams that may need extra space, privacy, security or fewer distractions that a private office can provide.

In addition to the enterprise Wi-Fi access available throughout the office, you also have a dedicated RJ45 Ethernet wall port allowing you to access higher bandwidth speeds (less bottlenecks), add your own local network, VOIP phones, printers or any other connected devices for your office.

Your own office whiteboards allow you to quickly capture those big ideas and leave them on the board without worry of erasure or privacy. You will be assigned an HID access control key card programed for access to the office 24/7, along with keys to your private office.

As always, all Members have access to the main Benefits of a Founders Floor membership, including all the attributes listed here within our Complete Office Environment.

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Private Office with 3 Large Desks

Lockable private office with 3 large desks, drawers, whiteboards and dedicated Ethernet wall port.


Flexible Month-to-Month Membership

No more long term lease commitments. Keep your cost structure variable and flexible to grow or contract as your company’s needs change.


Modern Work Environment

Work in a modern spacious office environment around fellow founders who share the same passion for entrepreneurship.


1 GBps Internet Connection

Super fast speeds that give your startup a real advantage. Increase productivity and speed up development time.


Mix and Match Membership Types

Mix membership types together to meet your company’s needs. Need 1 Private Office, 1 Workstation and 2 FlexTables for your team? No problem!


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