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Being part of Founders Floor means accessing what is right for your early-stage startup. Schedule a meeting with our CEO, Matt Day, to learn more about this, answer questions and learn about you and your startup to see if it is a good fit for our entrepreneurial environment.


Accelerator Program

Personalised mentorship and advisement from seasoned investors and other crucial experts. Learn how to gain early traction, find product market fit, understand essential metrics and KPIs, and prepare for the fundraising process. Full access to the Founders Floor coworking space is part of the program and recommended for best results.

Entrepreneurial Coworking Environment

We craft our coworking space to be of benefit to all types of early-stage startups. Veteran startups moving into Series A are still able to access the expert advice of those involved in our Accelerator Program, while newer startups gain money-can’t-buy insights from working in such close proximity to seasoned entrepreneurs.

Funding Opportunities


We are a seed stage investor in tech companies through our private syndicate fund. Our partner VCs see our intros as quality deal-flow because of the unique insight we have with our seed stage portfolio companies. These founders have different challenges to later stage startups and require specialized advice and mentorship.

Not based in San Jose? Let us know in the form below if you’re interested in being remotely part of Founders Floor and we can arrange a Zoom meeting.

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