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Template Pitch Night & Investor Panel Discussion


Thursday, Feb 17


6:00-7:30 pm PST



Pitch Your Startup To

Rachel Star from Unusual Ventures and Jim Connor from Sand Hill Angels

Tony Clemendor
Harvard Business School
Alumni Angels

Lucas Rocha
Unshackled Ventures

Don't miss out on learning valuable information from these Silicon Valley investors at our latest pitch event! 

Lucas Rocha is an investor at Unshackled Ventures, a pre-seed stage fund that invests in immigrant-founded startups in the US, and actively investing out of their most recently raise second VC fund.

Tony Clemendor is an active angel investor with Harvard Business School Alumni Angels and serves on their Selection Committee. Now a mentor and advisor to startups,Tony was previously co-founder of Optionetics, Inc. which he grew to over $80 million in revenue before it’s successful sale.



You must purchase a ticket to attend. Pre-purchasing a ticket saves you $10.

General Admission

General Admission

General Admission - At The Door

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Thursday, Feb 17




  • 5:00-6:00 pm | Virtual 1-on-1 Networking
  • 6:00-7:30 pm | Ask the Pitch Night and Investor Panel w/ Live Video Q&A
  • 7:30-9pm |  Virtual 1-on-1 Networking.



Our investors will:

  • Discuss the fundraising process during a panel discussion at the start.
  • Provide advice on what it takes to successfully fundraise.
  • Take your questions from the audience via our online portal.
  • Give feedback and a Q&A on pre-selected startups who will pitch for 5 minutes.

Want to be selected as a startup? Apply to pitch and make sure you have your ticket!



Whether you are attending as an audience member or have been selected to pitch, all attendees can learn from these investors, their quality feedback and unique insights. Connect with these investors afterward during general networking, and create a relationship with them and their firms.

If you are a startup founder or entrepreneur, this is an event you don’t want to miss! 



Apply below for an opportunity to pitch your company to the investor panel.

You must:

  • Purchase a General Admission ticket to submit your pitch deck for consideration
  • Submit your pitch deck in PDF format.

Selected companies will have 5 minutes to pitch their company, including slide deck, to the investor panel. Questions and feedback from the investor panel will follow for an additional 5 minutes. There are a limited amount of pitch slots available, so submit your pitch deck now for consideration.


Submit your question to ask during the investor panel discussion.


  • Submit your question to our online question portal.
  • Upvote the questions you want to have asked.
  • If your question is selected, you’ll have the opportunity to introduce yourself and your company to our investor panel before asking your question.
  • The questions that are upvoted the most are unique and relevant to the majority of all founders and entrepreneurs. So try not to be too specific or unique to your own circumstance.



Targeted Virtual Networking

We make networking more efficient and effective by allowing you to search profiles of attendees who you most want to network with.  You can then invite them for a scheduled 10 minute private 1-on-1 or group networking session, for which our system automatically helps with calendar scheduling and private zoom links.  Schedule multiple 10 minute networking sessions on your events calendar with targeted people who share your same interests, making networking more comfortable, fun and productive!

Live Video Q&A

Our event features live video Q&A, allowing founders in the audience to create meaningful connections with investor panelists, or ask essential follow-up questions to expert speakers.  Having the opportunity to be seen and heard by investors and speakers is very powerful in creating meaningful connections and real dialogue.  Our events platform allows audience members to ask their question live during the event with full video and audio.

Access to Speakers

Have access to Silicon Valley venture capitalists, well known founders and experts like never before! No matter what City, State or Country you live in, you will be able to learn, connect and ask questions to some of the best speakers and panelists within the startup ecosystem. Our live events are designed to provide you access to speakers that you normally would not have an opportunity to interact with. Connecting with the right people is crucial in helping to grow your startup or entrepreneurial career.


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Matt Day
Founder & CEO, Founders Floor

Matt is Founder and Managing Director of Founders Floor, a coworking accelerator for tech startups that provides a startup ecosystem to help companies build their businesses, accelerator their growth and increase their probability for success.

Matt is a four-time founder himself, his companies have varied from developing in-store analytics by applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to consumer behavior data, to creating leading technology in interactive digital advertising. Twenty years ago, Matt’s first startup was one of the first ever e-commerce sites to sell socks apparel online. From these experiences, Matt now enjoys helping other startups launch and grow their companies.

Though Matt has called Silicon Valley home for almost 20 years, he grew up in Iowa, earning his B.A. degree in Marketing from the University of Northern Iowa.



Refund Policy

You may request a refund up to 48 hours before the event. Unfortunately, any refunds requested less than 48 hours before the event cannot be honored. Thank you for your understanding.


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